ZO∙ON People


ZO•ON people know who they are. They are determined, motivated. They explore, experience and feel. They thrive in the city and are ready for whatever comes their way – each moment, each encounter, every late night and early morning. They crave adventure, the moment of purity when they step out into nature – rolling landscapes, rushing water, the view from the top. They are their own person and set their own pace. Not pressured by time, place or people – they are free, they are different. To ZO•ON people, function as style. Style has no age – it’s a state of mind. Their clothes give them the confidence to move, to smile – to be. In lashing rain or the heat of the sun, in the city or in nature, they seize the moment, they are prepared for adventure and they follow their calling.

Get Out There – Whatever the Weather.



Who are we?

Elísabet Kvaran | Account manager B2B  | elisabet@zo-on.com
Halldór Örn Jónsson | CEO | halldor@zo-on.com
Harpa Harðardóttir | Financial Manager | harpa@zo-on.com
Helena Björk Magnúsdóttir | Store Manager | helena@zo-on.com
Hulda Karlotta Kristjánsdóttir | Designer | hulda@zo-on.com
Ísak Halldórsson | Marketing Manager | isak@zo-on.com
Jón Erlendsson | Founder of ZO•ON | jon@zo-on.com
Margrét Rós Einarsdóttir | Sales Manager | margret@zo-on.com
Martti Kellokumpu | Head of Design | martti@zo-on.com