Our Values

ZOON in 7 seconds

The elevator pitch

ZO•ON is for urban outdoor adventurers. We create clothes that give people the confidence to get out there and move freely between the city and nature – whatever the weather.


Our code is defined by three values that guide the ZO•ON brand and underline our concept to Get Out There – Whatever the Weather. We are urban outdoor adventurers. The functionality of our clothes creates style. The function that is essential when living side by side with Icelandic nature. We long for adventure, the energy of the city and the vastness of nature.


The golden rule of design is functionality – from function comes beauty. Detail is paramount – every stitch, fold and line matters. Colours are balanced and inspired by the Icelandic environment. Our clothes adapt, demand attention in the city and hold their own in the natural world.


We seek adventure and inspiration. A chance meeting in the city or a long awaited road trip into unchartered territory. Every day, we find our way in the urban jungle or venture further into the great outdoors. We are always motivated, curious and switched on.


As Icelandic people we are closer to nature, never far from an impressive mountain, crisp Atlantic waters or rolling, electric green landscapes. The functional yet stylish nature of ZO•ON is born of this Icelandic proximity to nature and the necessity of functionality within the Icelandic environment.